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Danny Wild mix "HAPPY PEOPLE" sur NRJ

Play & Win – Ya BB (Official Video)

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« Pray » – A poppy-house track, with a sensual voice and a diabolic piano … If you’re looking for a song full of hope and joy, which also makes you to put the hands up and move sensually on the dancefloor; this is what you need ! “Pray” is the first single extract from Joanna Rays’ first album’ “Just a Woman” (released this winter).

“Pray” is the result of a great mix between the French singer Joanna Rays (already known for the hit songs « Not The One », « Makes Me Shiver », « Feel It », « Rise Up ») and Fred Closer aka Digital Mode who produced and remixed « Rhythm Of The Night », “Pushin On” (15th place – Beatport General Chart), Antoine Clamaran « Gold (Digital Mode Remix) », Eric Laville « Rio de Janeiro” (Digital Mode Remix) » and his last EP « Air » (played by Robbie Rivera, Antoine Clamaran, David Vendetta….). So « Pray » !

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ELI VANDORIA " Rien Que Toi " edit radio

Un futur hit en force, certaines radios diront encore que c’est eux qui l ‘ont découvert…si si, ils sont comme ça ^^mais la vérité sort de la bouche des clubbers.

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Alexandra prince

Alexandras musical gift has been with her since the day she was born. Before her Brazilian mother fell in love and moved to Hamburg to settle down with her German Father, she toured the world as a dancer in one of the most successful Brazilian Dance-Groups of the 70’s. Alexandra owes her Mum not only for her great talent and her unstoppable energy, but also for the fact that she was born in rainy Hamburg (1975) instead of sunny in Brazil.
Alexandra sang her way from the karaoke-bars of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn into the best music studios in Germany. At just 14 years of age she had her first taste of professional studio work and she’s still proving her great singing talent today with her continuous delivery of high quality productions. She sang nearly every Top Hit for the Booya Family and also Nana’s Number 1 Hit “Lonely? for which she lent her Hit Voice. Her first Solo Single “How we Livin?feat.Mazaya was a Top 30 Hit and stayed in the Charts for a full 16 weeks.

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