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In 1984, Chicago’s top Adult Contemporary and R&B radio station WGCI 107.5 FM under the direction of the P.D. Graham Armstrong and Evan Luck a radio personality, created the « Mastermix 6 » team, an On Air Dance Mix Show featuring renown local DJs in Chicago. As the show started building its notoriety and fanbase, DJs Carlos Valderrama, Jam Master Jay, and Matt Warren became a permanent fixture on the mix show. Subsequently, with the addition of Tony Cano, Mario Reyes, and Jorge Suarez, the Mastermix 6 were also considered early pioneers and contributors to the shaping of the Chicago music culture.
All members are well-established professionals in every aspect of the Dance Music Industry. Their overall resume includes nightclubs, radio, mobile, retail, publications, record labels, studio production, marketing, and promotions. Their music knowledge spans from the late 70’s thru the dance and house music formation of the 80’s and into the present.
The team believes Chicago DJ’s are the BEST masters of the « Mix ». Its mixing style, turntable creativity and skills are unique and well recognized (Turntablism). Globally, Chicago has produced top DJs and takes credit for the creation of House Music. In addition, Chicago commercial radio stations were one of the first to establish the « DJ Mix Shows » which sets the trends for others to imitate. The Mastermix 6 invites you to share their experiences and listen or download their mixes.

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