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Les vampires débarquent à Paris !

Les vampires débarquent à Paris !

28 novembre 2012 Blog Read more

FL Studio Mobile 2 | Introducing Audio

More info here
Features include:
Audio tracks – Import WAV/MP3/AAC/AudioPaste & iPod library.
Wave editor – Cut, trim, normalize, reverse, fade in/out
Multi-tracking – Up to 8 track simultaneous recording
FL Studio Mobile HD – Now a Universal App
iPad retina display – Supported
Dropbox – Export to Dropbox. Import from Dropbox App.
Library – Amped Guitar & Bass pack in the shop
ZIP – Export improved to include all custom instruments, audio recordings and the project

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Desimlockage de smartphone pour recevoir la sim Free

Votre téléphone est verrouillé (« simlocké ») car vous l’avez acheté chez un opérateur


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MUSIC multiplatform

MUSIC is a project for open platform technology and the development of self-adaptive mobile applications, which includes a methodology, tools and middleware. It is suited for software developers. People interested in developing next generation mobile applications and services are encouraged to download the MUSIC technology. (‘Developer Zone’).

A short description of the MUSIC project

MUSIC is a European project, which will result in an open source platform for the development of an innovative mobile applications and will comprise of the following main components:

23 juin 2010 Blog Read more

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