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It’s the first purpose-built turntable for portablists. Having seen the scene adopt a string of devices not designed for the task, Lauris decided that it was time for one to be built from the ground up, and addressing many of the shortcomings associated with the popular units, not least actually being available and not discontinued.
The feature list from the GoFundMe page:
  • Size 260 x 270 x 125mm (10.2″ x 10.6″ x 4.9″)
  • Belt driven. Belt easy to change. No screwdriver or other tools required
  • Works on battery (I hope to have at least 6/8h of autonomy) and rechargeable by USB
  • #7PS Tonearm with magnetic suspension
  • Cartridge of your choice (Ortofon OM or Shure M44)
  • Platter system that won’t sink or be slowed down by contact/friction because of rollers placed underneath.
  • Knobs to control :
    • MASTER
    • HIGH
    • LOW
    • Line IN & Vinyl trim
    • Headphone MASTER & CUE
    • Pitch +/- 50%
  • X-Case (Crossfader housing) rotating on ~180 degrees for right/left hander with a REAL crossfader built in (Mini or Pro INNOFADER. Other crossfaders should be possible)
  • Crossfader features :
    • Cut on LEFT / RIGHT / BOTH SIDE
    • Fader mode – Your crossfader acts like a fader
  • SEND/RETURN for DVS purpose (Jacks 3.5)
  • IN/OUT for your speakers and smartphone for beats (Jacks 3.5)
  • Headphone Input  (Jack 6.35)
  • USB for smartphone DVS
  • Bluetooth (if not too much latency)
  • START/STOP button
  • LED indicator
  • Handle for transport
  • Transparent LID (if possible)
As you can see, this is a very feature complete turntable that definitely fills the gaps left by units not designed for the task. On the face of it, you’ll be able to add your own Chroma or Cooler caps, and for the modders (a key part of the portablist ethos) the tonearm is looking ripe for adding headshells. I personally would love to use a Concorde.

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