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TRIFAMILY -Online Game

TRIFAMILY -Online Game


Controls :
Click to shoot
Hold for super
Update :
The ending is fixed
You can toggle fullscreen, music and skip the dialogues.
Tri Family is a shooter game, divided on 3 parallel levels that you play at the same time.
Story :
The father, Cristopher, is a victim of his wife and kid : he never argue with anyone and just do what he’s told to.
The mother, Irma, is an Angry Redneck, always criticizing her husband and only lives to watch Jerry Springer and Rednecks Cooking Time on Bumpkin Channel.
The son, Junior, is a fan of old school hip hop, animes and cartoons and can only speak by quoting these.
Made for the C3jam
First jam, first « game » 🙂
Full of nasty code and typos, your feedbacks are welcome.

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