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Z-JAY Tablet

Z-JAY Tablet


The Z-JAY Tablet is a music-mixing device, which allows the user to mix songs by combining all the necessary DJ equipment in one integrated system. It comprises three touchscreen interfaces/displays WIRED to a PCB, which are embedded to a system that allows the device to be easily folded.

The inspiration behind this project came about after experiencing discomfort over long and direct experimentation with mixing songs on a tablet. Current DJ applications for tablets are useful, yet they lack usability. The screen that is already compact in size has to be divided into three sections –  two deck units and the mixer unit.

Therefore, a device is designed to keep the versatility of the tablet but improve the comfort of the user by allowing him to mix songs and apply effects combining all the necessary DJ equipment (one mixer and two decks) into one integrated system.

Storage 256GB


9.7-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch display

IPS technology

Power & Battery

Built-in rechargeable
lithium-polymer battery
Up to 5 hours of mixing
Charging via power adapter

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